Histology Technician – Job #330

Position Type: Full-time, Monday-Friday, various shifts
Location: 1225 Highland, Clarkston, Washington


Primary Function:

Prepare anatomic pathology specimens for microscopic examination; perform QA/QC and preventive maintenance; perform laboratory support functions.

Work Performed:

1)      Human Negotiation Skills
a.       Follow Laboratory Thinking
b.       Maintain a positive attitude
c.       Seek a positive solution to problems
d.       Participate in Main Lab Staff Meetings

2)      Operation Excellence
a.        Comply with safety policies and procedures
b.       Comply with PRL/HR policies and procedures
c.       Follow regulatory compliance policies (CMS, HIPPA)
d.       Participate in Continuing Education opportunities
e.       Maintain competency
f.        Demonstrate attention to detail and strict adherence to policies

3)      Objective Management
a.       Complete specific assignments within acceptable time frame
b.       Complete laboratory duties as assigned
c.       Assist in creation and maintenance of 5S and Linear Flow operations
d.       Identify Process Improvement opportunities

4)      Workgroup Participation
a.        Assist with inventory control

5)      Brief Summary of Job Duties:
·        Process, embed, cut and stain histology specimens.
·        Grossing in of histology specimens.
·        Perform and document QA/QC and PM.
·        Prepare cytology specimens for examination.
·        File, retrieve and discard materials.
·        Comply with PRL policies and procedures, and maintain competency.
·        Assist other technical and clerical staff.
·        Drive company/private vehicle to pick up and deliver specimens and other items.
·        Additional duties and responsibilities as assigned.

Experience Background:

·        Prior laboratory experience preferred.  Prior work experience involving detailed processes requiring precision and attention to detail in a cooperative team oriented environment.

Personal Attributes:

A high level of attention to detail; good eye-hand coordination; ability to precisely, accurately and consistently follow directions, both written and verbal; good interpersonal skills with a pleasant, cooperative attitude.  Must be willing to take the initiative to learn new skills/tasks. Must exhibit good judgment interpreting and following department policies and priorities.

Educational Background:

·        Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry, Biology or related field.

·         Valid driver’s license in good standing

  If you are interested and qualified for this position, please submit a job posting application to Human Resources by Wednesday, October 17, 2018.

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