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A 24-hour or spot urine potassium

Test Name  A 24-hour or spot urine potassium 
Mnemonic  Urine Potassium 
Lab Order Code   
CPT   84133 
Department  Main Lab 
Container  24-hour Urine Container; Urine Collection cup 
Alternative Container   
Handling  24-hour Urine Potassium: Collect urine in 24-hr urine container supplied by the Laboratory. No preservative. Patient collection instructions available in the Laboratory. Specimen must be stored refrigerated during colleciton. Submit entire volume for testing. Spot Urine Potassium: collect at least 10 ml urine in a Urine Collection Cup  
Preferred Volume  Random: 10 mL 
Minimum Volume  Random: 10 mL 
Stability  1 day at room temperature, 4 days refrigerated, 1 week frozen 
Reject Criteria   
Methodology  Methodology: ISE 
Units  Random: mmol/L; 24 hour: mmol/24hr 
Reference Range   24 hour: 30-90 
Neonate Reference Range   
Required Information   
Performed  Daily 
Cross References   
Referred Lab   
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