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Test Name  AMMONIA 
Mnemonic  AMM 
Lab Order Code   
CPT   82140 
Department  Main Lab 
Container  EDTA (Lavendar)  
Alternative Container   
Handling  Collect from stasis free vein (i.e. do not use tourniquet if possible) Place on ICE and transport immediately. Separate plasma from cells within 30 minutes.  
Preferred Volume  Volume: 1.0 ml EDTA plasma 
Minimum Volume  0.5ml 
Stability  3 hours on ICE or Refrigerated 
Reject Criteria  Hemolysis; received at room temperature 
Methodology  Enzymatic 
Units  mcmol/L 
Reference Range   Female: 11-51mcmol/L Male: 16-60 mcmol/L 
Neonate Reference Range   
Required Information   
Performed  Daily 
Reported   Routine 4 hr, STAT 1hr 
Note  Place immediately on ice. Separate within 30 minutes of collection. 
Cross References   
Referred Lab   
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