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A 24-hour or spot urine phosphorus

Test Name  A 24-hour or spot urine phosphorus 
Mnemonic  Urine Phosphorus 
Lab Order Code   
CPT   84105  
Department  Main Lab 
Container  24-hour Urine Container, Urine Collection cup 
Alternative Container   
Handling  Collect urine in a 24-hr urine contatiner containing 20 ml HCl supplied by the Laboratory. Patient collection instructions available in the Laboratory. Specimen must be stored refrigerated during collection. Submit entire volume for testing. Random urine: no preservative  
Preferred Volume  random urine - 10 mL 
Minimum Volume  random urine - 10 mL 
Stability  8 hours room temp, 4 days refrigerated 
Reject Criteria   
Methodology  Methodology: Spectrophotometri 
Units  Random: mg/dL; 24 hour: gm/24hr 
Reference Range   0.4-1.3 gm/24hrs 
Neonate Reference Range   
Required Information   
Performed  Daily 
LOINC 4   
Cross References   
Referred Lab   
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