Accreditation and Licensure

Pathologists’ Regional Laboratory subscribes to a comprehensive program of evaluation sponsored by the Joint Commission.  Inspections are conducted biannually with alternate year self inspections.  We are also Medicare approved, CLIA and state licensed.

Quality Assurance:  Quality control programs at our company meet or exceed requirements established by the federal government and other licensing agencies.  All procedures are standardized and internal and external controls are utilized to monitor the accuracy and quality of our testing.

Quality Management:  We are dedicated to providing you with uncompromised quality, accuracy and service.  Our total commitment to quality led to the development of our Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) Model.  CQI was created to provide a systematic means of addressing every aspect of our processes.  Evaluation and improvement are the emphasis of the model.

PRL Location

ID Number

Accreditation, License, or Regulatory Agency

Lewiston, ID
Cancer Center


Clarkston, WA
Draw Station


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