Mnemonic: AMIKACIN
Container: Plasma Separator
Alternative Container: Serum, Serum Separator
Handling: Centrifuge within 2 hrs of collection Include date/time and dosage amt of dose PEAK: Draw 30 minutes post dose TROUGH: Draw just prior to next dose (15-30 Minutes)
Reject Criteria: GROSS HEMOLYSIS
Methodology: Kinetic interaction of microparticles in solution: KIMS
Required Information: Amount of dose;Time of dose;Date of last dose:
Reported: Routine 4 hr, STAT 1hr
CPT: 80150
Department: Main Lab
Preferred Volume: 1.0 ml serum or heparinized plasma
Minimum Volume: 0.5 ml
Units: UG/ML
Reference Range: SEE FOOTNOTE:
Note: Available as trough, peak or random
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