Mnemonic: AMM
Container: EDTA (Lavendar)
Handling: Collect from stasis free vein (i.e. do not use tourniquet if possible) Place on ICE and transport immediately. Separate plasma from cells within 30 minutes.
Reject Criteria: Hemolysis; received at room temperature
Methodology: Enzymatic
Reported: Routine 4 hr, STAT 1hr
CPT: 82140
Department: Main Lab
Preferred Volume: Volume: 1.0 ml EDTA plasma
Minimum Volume: 0.5ml
Stability: 3 hours on ICE or Refrigerated
Performed: Daily
Units: mcmol/L
Reference Range: Female: 11-51mcmol/L Male: 16-60 mcmol/L
Note: Place immediately on ice. Separate within 30 minutes of collection.
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