Mnemonic: URMIC
Container: Sterile Urine Collection Cup
Handling: 10ML Random urine freshly voided. Deliver immediately to laboratory or keep refrigerated. Clean catch or midstream colelction of urine specimens is preferred to avoid possible contamination. PROCEDURE: Routine daily turnaround time is 1-4 hours. Stat procedures available 24 hours a day. Emergency or stat results are available within 30 minutes unless special additional verification procedures are required. Ordering physician will be notified if turnaround time is exceeded. REFERENCE RANGE: RBC.......0-2 hpf WBC.......0-4 hpf EPITH.....FEW hpf Bacteria..0 hpf Crystal...0 hpf Casts....0 hpf
Reported: Routine 4 hr, STAT 1hr
CPT: 81015
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