Mnemonic: VAN
Container: RED PST, SST
Handling: All samples for vancomycin should be collected in red top or sst tubes. Heparinized plasma may also be used. Sample stable at 8 hours room temp, 48 hrs refrigerated, Frozen for longer storage. Amount and time of last dose required. Draw peak 1 hour post dose. PROCEDURE: Stats are available 24 hours a day. Stat results are available 45 minutes after sample reaches the laboraotry. Ordering physician will be notified if turnaround time is exceeded. REFERENCE RANGE: 30-40 ug/ml PEAK 5-15 ug/ml Trough
Required Information: qt-Date of last dose: qt-Amount of dose: qt-Time of dose:
Reported: Routine 4 hr, STAT 1hr
CPT: 80202
Units: ug/ml
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